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Sr. No Composition Product Type Packing
1 Digestive Enzyme, B-complex with Lysine Syrup 200ML
2 Lycopene with Multivitamin & Minerals Syrup 200ML
3 Iron with zinc & multivitamin Syrup 200ML
4 Biotin with B-complex and minerals Syrup 200ML
5 L- ornithine, L-aspartate, Lecithin, tricolin citrate, vit D3 silymarin with B complex Syrup 200ML
6 Calcium with vitamin D3 & zinc Syrup 200ML
7 L-Lysine HCL, B-complex with sorbitol Syrup 200ML
8 Ferrous ascorbate with folic acid Syrup 200ML
10 Sodium Feredetate Follic Acid & Vitamin B12 Syrup 200ML
11 Calcium Gluconate, Ferric Gluconate, Multivitamin & Multimineral Syrup 200ML
12 Ferrous Ascorbate, folic acid, Zinc, Vitamin D3 & Vitamin B12 Suspension Syrup 200ML
13 Haematinic Syrup with Vitamin, Iron, Folic Acid, L-Lysine & Zinc Syrup Syrup 300ML
14 Haematinic Syrup with Vitamin, Iron, Folic Acid, L-Lysine & Zinc Syrup Syrup 200ML
15 Lycopene, Antioxidants, Amino Acids, Vitamin With Minerals Syrup 200ML
16 Fungal Diastase with Carminative Oils Syrup 200ML
17 Iron with Multivitamin & Calcium Syrup 200ML
18 Fungal Diastase with Papsin Syrup 200ML
19 Liquid Protein, Calcium , L-Lysine, Vitamin & Iron with Follic Acid Syrup 200ML
20 Fungal Diastase With Carminative Oil Syrup 200ML
21 The oral Rehydration Therapy Syrup 200ML
22 Each 5Ml Contains.Ferrous Ascorbate -30 Mg , Folic Acid -550Mcg Syrup 200ML/100ML PER BOTTLE
23 Ferric Ammonium Citrate 200 Mg Folic Acid 1.5 Mg Zinc Sulphate 7 Mg Vit B6 1.5 Mg Sorbitol 750 Mg Syrup 200ML/100ML PER BOTTLE
24 Cyanocobalamin,Elemental Zinc,Ferrous Ammonium Citrate Folic Acid,L-Lysine,Niacinamide,Protein Hydrolysate and Pyridoxine Syrup 200ML/100ML PER BOTTLE
25 Carbonyl Iron +Zinc Sulphate Cyanocobalamin & Folic Acid Suspension Syrup 200ML/100ML PER BOTTLE
26 Each 5 ml Contains : Avena Sativa Q 0.2ml, Withania somnifera Q 0.2ml, Acid Phos Q 0.1ml,Hydrocotyle asiatica Q 0.1ml, Cinchona officinalis Q 0.2ml, Q 0.1ml, Hydrastis Canadensis Q 0.1ml, Berberis vulgaris Q 0.1ml, Calc Phos 3x 100mg, Ferr Phos 3x 100mg, Kali Phos 3x 100mg, Magn Phos 3x 100mg, Natr Phos 3x 100mg, Ferr Met 3x 100mg, Syrup flavoured q.s. Syrup 200ML/100ML PER BOTTLE
27 One dose (5 ml = 1 tea spoon) contains: Fish oil 156.25 mg Omega3 70.25 mg DHA (minimally) 62.50 mg Syrup 200ML/100ML Pet Bottle
28 L-Lysine-50 Mg,Nicotinamide-15Mg,D-panthenol-3Mg,Riboflavin Sodium Phosphate-2.5 Mg,Thaimine HCL-2Mg,Pyridoxine Hcl0.75mg,Cyanocobalamin -2Mcg Syrup 200ML/100ML Pet Bottle
29 Cyproheptadine Syrup with B-Complex Syrup 200ML/100ML,Pet bottle
30 Each 15ml Contains: Lactulose 10gm Syrup 200ML/100ML,Pet bottle
31 Antioxidant,Vitamins&Mineral Syrup Syrup 200ML/100ML,Pet Bottle
32 B-ComplexWITH L-Lysine Syrup Syrup 200ML/100ML,Pet Bottle
33 B-Complex withMultivitamin And ZincSyrup Syrup 200ML/100ML,Pet Bottle
34 Calcium Citrate,Magnesium,Zinc&Vitamin D3 Suspension. Suspension 200ML/100ML,Pet Bottle
35 FerricAmmonium Citrate ,With Folic Acid&Zinc Syrup Syrup 200ML/100ML,Pet Bottle
36 LycopeneWith Antioxidants,Vitamins And Mineral Syrup. Syrup 200/100ML,Pet Bottle
37 L-Ornithine L-Aspartate,Tricholine Citrate,Silymarin With BComplex Syrup Syrup 200ML/100ML,Pet Bottle
38 Ferrous Ascorbate&Folic Acid Syrup Syrup 200ML/100ML,Pet Bottle
39 Fungal Diastase With Pepsin Syrup Syrup 200ML/100ML,Pet Bottle
40 Methylcobalamin Lycopene And Multivitamin Syrup. Syrup 200ML/100ML,Pet Bottle
41 Multivitamins,Minerals,And Antioxidants Syrup Syrup 200ML/100ML,Pet Bottle
42 Protein Tonic With Iron,Vitamins And Minerals Syrup 200ML/100ML,Pet Bottle
43 Silymarin With B-Complex Syrup Syrup 200ML/100ML,Pet Bottle
44 Each 5 ml contains: Flores Chamomillae - 7.5 mg Passiflora (Passion Flower) extract- 47.5 mg Valeriana officinalis - 25 mg Melissa officinalis - 45 mg Vitamin C- 10 mg Vitamin B1- 0.5 mg Vitamin B2- 0.5 mg Syrup 200ML/100ML,Pet Bottle
45 One dose (5 ml = 1 tea spoon) contains: Beta glucan 10.00 mg, Bioflavonoids 9.00 mg, Vitamin C 25.00 mg, Zinc 4.00 mg, Vitamin A 120.00 μg, Vitamin B1 0.50 mg, Vitamin B2 0.80 mg, Vitamin B3 9.00 mg, Vitamin B5 3.00 mg, Vitamin B6 0.70 mg, Vitamin B12 0.70 μg, Vitamin D3 1.50 μg, Vitamin E 5.00 mg, Biotin 20.00 μg, Folic acid 50.00 μg, Iodine 70.00 μg, PABA 50.00 μg, Rosehips extract 5.00 mg, Lysine 10.00 mg Syrup 200ML/100ML,Pet Bottle
46 Silymarin with Vitamins And Cyanocobalamin Syrup Syrup 200ML/100ML,Pet Bottle
47 Zinc Gluconate Solution Syrup 200ML/100ML,Pet bottle
48 Silymarin With Calcium Pengamate & B-Complex Suspension 200ML/100ML,Pet bottle
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