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Sr. No Composition Product Type Packing
1 An Energetic & testy Energy drink for Family with Vitamin-c Powder 105 GM
2 Iron, Multivitamins, Multiminral and Selenium Powder Powder 200 GM
3 A protein Booster Fortified with Multivitamins Multiminrals & Lycopene with DHA and GLA powder Powder 200 GM
4 Vitamin, Minneral with DHA Powder 200 GM
5 Protein Granules With Lycopene,Antioxidant,DHA,Multivitamin&Multimineral. Powder 200/500GM/1KG/Jar
6 Each 100 gm contains: Oat fiber 50g, Protein, Vitamins, Minerals(Meal Replacement) Powder 200/500GM/1KG/Jar
7 Protein Granules with Vitamins And Minerals Powder 200/500/1KG
8 Protein Powder WithLycopene,Antioxidant,DHA,Multi VitaminsAnd Multiminerals. Powder 200/500GM/1KG
9 Calcium-400MG,Docosahaxanoic Acid-80 MG,Magnesium-40 MG,Vitamin C-30 MG,Iron-20 MG,Niacinamide -10MG,Vitamin E10MG,Calcium Panthonate -10MG,Vitamin A2500IU,Lycopene10%-3000MCG,Zinc Sulphate -2 MG,Vitamin B6- 2MG,VitaminB2-1.5 MG,VitaminB1-1.3 MG,Folic Acid—1MG,Iodine-75 MCG,Chromium -70 MCG,Methylcobalamin - 1MCG. Powder 200/500GM/1KG
10 Glucose –D[ Instant Energy Glucose Powder]-Delicious Orange Powder 100G
11 Glucose –D[Instant Energy Glucose Powder] Regular Flavour Powder 100G
12 Lycopene -5000MCG,Mecobalamin-1500MCG,Ubidecarenone30MG,L-Arginine-100MG,Zinc Sulphate10MG,SelonomethionineEq.ToSelenium 50 MCG,Folic Acid - 1MG,Fructose-1GM,L –CarnitineFurnarateEQ. TO L- Carnitine1GM, Citric Acid-50 MG Powder 200/500GM/1KG
13 Protein Powder withDHA&Bovine Colostrum Powder 200/500/1KG
14 Ishbgol husk with lactitol monohydrate Powder 200gm/ Jar
15 Each 200 gm contains: Protein, Whey, Shatavari, Colostrum, Vitamins, Minerals Powder 200gm/HDPE JAR
16 Each 200 gm contains: Protein, Aminoacids, Vitamins, Minerals, Colostrum, Wheat grass((High Protein For Oncology Segment) Powder 200gm/HDPE JAR
17 Each 200 gm contains: Protein, DHA, Whey Protein, Vitamins, Minerals, Soya, Ragi, Maize, Bengal Gram Powder 200gm/HDPE JAR
18 Each 200 gm contains: Protein, DHA, Whey Protein, Vitamins, Minerals(FOR KIDS) Powder 200gm/HDPE JAR
19 Each 200 gm contains: Protein with DHA, Colostrum, Omega 3 Fatty Acid, Multivitamin, Multiminerals Powder 200gm/HDPE JAR
20 Each 5 gm contains (2 POPs): Multigrain with Protein 30% Vitamins Minerals Powder 200gm/HDPE JAR
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