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Sr. No Composition Product Type Packing
1 Lycopene-1500Mcg ,Antioxidant,Dha & Multivitamins & Multiminerals. Tablet/Capsule 10*10 ,10*1*10Alu-Alu/Blister
2 L-Methyl folate -1Mg ,Methylcobalamin -1.5 Mg ,PYRIDOXAL-5-PHOSPHATE -0.5Mg ,& VitaminD3-25mcg Tablet/Capsule 10*10 ,10*1*10 Alu-Alu/BLISTER
3 Myo-Inositol -550 Mg ,D-Chloro-Inositol -13.8Mg ,Chromium -100Mcg ,Vitamin D3-5Mcg Tablet/Capsule 10*10 ,10*1*10 Alu –Alu /Blister
4 D –Chloro-inositol-75 Mg ,N-AcetylCysteine -75 Mg ,Alpha Lypoic Acid -40 Mg ,Vitamin –C -35Mg,Calcium Carbonate -110 Mg ,Dha -60Mg Tablet/Capsule 10*10 ,10*1*10Alu –Alu/Blister
5 Co-EnzymeQ10-25Mg ,L-Carnitine-250Mg ,Lycopene Powder -2500 Mcg &Zinc -12Mg Tablet/Capsule 10*10 ,10*1*10Alu –Alu /Blister
6 Ginseng -42.5Mg ,Lactic Acid Bacillus -60 Mg ,VitaminC -75 Mg,Niacinamide -45 Mg ,Vitamin E50%20 IU,Vitamin A-5000IU,Vitamin B1-6MG,Calcium D Pentothenate -5Mg ,Vitamin B2-5Mg, Vitamin B6-2Mg,Folic Acid -1Mg ,Vitamin B12 -1500Mcg ,Vitamin D3 -1000IU ,Magnesium Sulphate -30Mg ,Carbonyl Iron -10 Mg,Potassium -10 Mg ,Zinc Sulphate Mono. -2.2 Mcg ,Copper -2Mg, Potassium Iodide -1Mg ,Mangenesae Sulphate -1.5Mg ,Selenium Dioxide -40 Mcg. Tablet/Capsule 10*10 ,10*1*10Alu –Alu /Blister
7 L-Carnitine + Ubiquinol + Magnesium Tablet/Capsule 10*10 ,10*1*10Alu –Alu/Blister
8 D-Ribose -500Mg ,L- Carnitine -500 Mg,Ubiquinol -50 Mg,Magnesium-50Mg. Tablet/Capsule 10*10 ,10*1*10Alu –Alu/Blister
9 Each Geltin Cap. ContainPregabalin75mg,m.cobalamin750mcg,ALA100mg,Pyridoxine3mg,Folic acid-1.5mg Tablet/Capsule 10*10 ,10*1*10Alu –Alu/Blister
10 Natural Beta Cartotene,Lycopene,Omega 3fatty acid,VitE,B6,Zinc,Folic,Biotin,Magnese,Copper,Selenium Tablet/Capsule 10*10 ,10*1*10Alu –Alu/Blister
11 Thiamine mononitrate,Riboflavin,Pyridoxine Hydrochloide,Niacinamid,Calcium panthothenate,VitB12,Folic acid,L-lysin Tablet/Capsule 10*10 ,10*1*10Alu –Alu/Blister
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